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Wendy Wilson
Executive Director, Cordele Center

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Part Time Faculty & Staff

Darrell Austin

Contact Information

(2002) Learning Support Math Instructor, Adjunct
M.Ed., Albany State University
B.B.A., University of Georgia

Brandi Charbonneau

Contact Information

(2016) Evening Administrative Assistant

Dr. Althea A. Elliott

Contact Information

(2015) Anatomy and Physiology Instructor, Adjunct
Ph.D., Wayne State University
B.S., University of the Virgin Islands

Michael Scott Forehand

Contact Information

(2009) CISM Instructor, Adjunct
M.S., Georgia State University
M.B.A., Georgia Southern University
B.S., University of Georgia

Dr. Phillip Gibbs

Contact Information

(2015) History Instructor, Adjunct
Ph.D., Mississippi State University
M.A., B.S., East Tennessee State University

Manxavier B. Greene

Contact Information

(2013) English, Adjunct Instructor
M.A., B.A., Albany State University

Dr. David Ndaayezwi

Contact Information

(2000) Math Instructor, Adjunct
Ph.D., Century University
M.Ed., B.S., Georgia Southwestern State University

Dianne G. Owens

Contact Information

(2003) Anatomy & Physiology Instructor, Adjunct
Ed.S., M.Ed., B.S., Georgia Southwestern State University

Hyekyung Hannah Seo

Contact Information

(2015) Accounting Instructor, Adjunct
M.S., Accounting, Southern Polytechnic State University
M.B.A., Georgia Southwestern State University
B.S., Chonnam National University

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