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Frequently Asked Questions

Windows/Email Password Expiration


When you leave for the day, you should make sure you at least logoff your computer. If you leave files open and the machine reboots or network connectivity is lost, you run the risk of corrupting the file(s). For network files (user folders), there is the possibility of not getting a good back of your file(s). OIT performs maintenance and updates on servers mainly on the weekends, but there are times when it has to be done at night during the week. This usually requires a reboot of the servers and any open files could be corrupted.

On another note:

When your password is expiring, you will get a notice on LOGIN. These notices start 15 days prior to expiration. However, if you don’t LOGOFF during this time requiring you to log back into your computer, the system cannot notify you that your password is expiring. Your password will simply expire without your knowledge and the next time you do have to logoff, you will not be able to login to the computer.

Webmail Users: (Darton E-mail not MyDC)

When your password is expiring, you will get a notice on login. This notice will be a yellow highlighted bar. It will tell you how many days you have until your password expires and gives you the option to change it. This notice starts at 15 days prior to expiration. However, if you do not login during this time, you will not receive the notice and your password will expire. At that point, you will not be able to login until you have called the helpdesk to have your password reset. You do have the option to change your password at any time prior to expiration by clicking on options near the top of your screen and then clicking on change password that appears on the left side of your screen.

Use a FREE Encrypted Password Program to Store Your Passwords
There are several highly regarded FREE programs that you can download from the Internet that will provide you with an exceptionally safe place to store and retrieve your various passwords. By using one of theses, you need only to remember a single password (the master) in order to gain access to all the others. The master is encrypted with 128-bit technology which makes it virtually impossible for a cracker to read.

Password Safe is a free program you can download at:

You may want to put this on a USB device you can keep with you.

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