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Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Password Change For
BANNER System Login

Every 90 Days is now mandatory. Secure password restrictions are also now in place. Listed below are the password minimums.

How to change your password through the BANNER system:

  1. My BANNER
  2. Darton Advisor General Menu
  3. Oracle Password Change

    or go directly to the form:


All Banner passwords:

  1. Must be 6 characters in length
  2. May not be reused
  3. First character must be a letter
  4. Must use at least 1 number
  5. Must use at least one of the following special characters: !%*+-:?_

Example Passwords:


Use a FREE Encrypted Password Program to Store Your Passwords
There are several highly regarded FREE programs that you can download from the Internet that will provide you with an exceptionally safe place to store and retrieve your various passwords. By using one of theses, you need only to remember a single password (the master) in order to gain access to all the others. The master is encrypted with 128-bit technology which makes it virtually impossible for a cracker to read.

Password Safe is a free program you can download at:

You may want to put this on a USB device you can keep with you.

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