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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reset Your Banner Password

If you no longer recall your password to gain access to Banner please use the following instructions.

  1. Skip to step #7 if you have already reset your password and received an email with a temporary password.
  2. Log into MyDC
  3. Click on the Employee Tab OR Faculty-Banner Tab at the top of the page (in MyDC)
  4. Select "Reset Banner Password"
    (located in the "Employee Links" box)
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen
  6. Your user name and new temporary password will be sent to your Darton Email.
  7. Log into PROD Banner with your information

A temporary password will be provided but a new password will need to be created by yourself. Keep in mind the following criteria when creating a new password:

It must start with a letter
It must contain a number
It must end with either a letter or number
It must be at least 6 characters
It must contain at least one of these characters ! % * + - / : ? _
It must differ from the old password by at least 3 characters
Password Examples:     happy_123     lovely!29     lost%999

Follow this procedure to log into Banner with the temporary password:

You should now be logged into Banner. If not, carefully read the error message, reread the preceding instructions, and retry the procedure for resetting your password. If you are unable to reset your password or need additional assistance please contact the TSD Help desk.

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