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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reset Your Banner Password

If you no longer recall your password to gain access to Banner or you have recently been granted a Banner account and need to retrieve your credentials, please use the following instructions. (Skip to step #6 if you have already reset your password and received an email with a temporary password.)

  1. Log into MyDC
  2. Click on the Employee Tab located on the MyDC home page.
  3. Select “Banner Reset Account Tool” (located in the “Prod Banner” box)
  4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen
  5. Your username and new temporary password will be sent to your Darton Email.
  6. Log into PROD Banner with your username and temporary password.

The temporary password will allow you to log into Banner, but a new password will need to be created upon log in (see below).

Follow this procedure to log into Banner with the temporary password:

  • Activate the Banner (INB-Internet Native Banner) application by double-clicking on the “Prod Banner” or “Banner Launch Pad” icon on your Windows Desktop.
  • When prompted for your login information you will type in your current user name and the temporary password provided to you by the system.
    NOTE: Your user name is not the same as your network (Windows) user name. If you are unsure of the correct user name please contact the HelpDesk.
  • Leave the “Database” field empty.

    Banner Logon Screen

  • You will see a message stating that the password has expired. Select “Ok”.

    Banner Password Expired popup

  • In the “Changing Password” dialog box you will enter the temporary password in the “Old Password” field. Provide a new password based on the criteria below. Repeat the EXACT SAME password in the “Retype New Password” field. Select “OK”

Keep in mind the following criteria when creating a new password:

It must start with a letter
It must contain a number
It must end with either a letter or number
It must be at least 6 characters
It must contain at least one of these characters: ! % * + - / : ?
It must differ from the old password by at least 3 characters

Password Examples: Fly1ng-R0ck t0asted?sl1m fi3ld!true5

Banner Changing Password Screen

You should now be logged into Banner. If not, carefully read the error message, reread the preceding instructions, and retry the procedure for resetting your password. If you are unable to reset your password or need additional assistance, please contact the Technology Services Division HelpDesk at 229-317-6704.

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