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SharePoint Policies & Procedures

SharePoint is Darton’s way of sharing important documents among the Faculty and Staff. As a member of Darton College Faculty and Staff, you have access to these documents. You can access it by going to Faculty & Staff from the homepage, clicking on Email & SharePoint Access, then clicking on the SharePoint Access link. If you are accessing the webpage from off-campus, you will need to sign in using your Darton domain username and password. Please make sure that you include “Darton\” before your username. If you find that you cannot log in to SharePoint, please contact Gabrielle Roberts (gabrielle.roberts@darton.edu).

If you would like to upload documents to SharePoint, please fill out the SharePoint Publisher Agreement. You can find it by following this link: https://sharepoint.darton.edu/sites/Darton/Darton Public Documents/DC_Forms/Technology/SharePoint Publisher Agreement.doc. You can also go SharePoint, click on Darton Public Documents, DC_Form, then Technology. Please send the completed form to Gabrielle Roberts.

Please read below for policy:

SharePoint Use Policy

This Policy affects all faculty and staff of Darton College.

The purpose of this policy is to raise user awareness of security and confidentiality issues that impact their use of SharePoint. SharePoint must be used in a manner consistent with the system resources supporting SharePoint.

SharePoint Sites:

Darton College:

All Faculty and Staff (who have a valid Darton Windows/Email account) shall have Read-Only access to all folders and data in the site “Darton College”.

No data or resource containing sensitive information shall be stored in the “Darton College” site of SharePoint. Only data deemed as public information shall be published in the “Darton College” site.

All publication of information to the “Darton College” site will require that the following criteria be met and have a defined data owner:

  • Original form(s) for campus-wide use.
  • General information or policies affecting the college and/or college operations.
  • Organizational charts
  • Committee meeting minutes and other public info regarding committee matters (only the committee chair will have contribute access to the committee information on the Darton College site; internal committee documents and project work should be held in the committees private site.)
  • Calendars that contain public events (no private or personal information will be allowed)

Upon review, if data published to the “Darton College” site does not meet the requirements, the data will be removed and the account of the respective contributor will be denied further contributor privileges until a new agreement is reviewed and signed.

Department SharePoint Sites:

Each department shall have a defined and documented Business/Data Owner, who is responsible for signing and submitting the appropriate form to the Technology Services Division to grant or revoke access of their users to their respective department’s site.

SharePoint Contributors:

Users who add, edit, delete documents shall be classified as “Contributors.” All Darton SharePoint Contributors are required to sign and submit a “SharePoint Publisher’s Agreement” to the Technology Services Division prior to Contributor rights being granted.

The Technology Services Division is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: TSD Helpdesk.

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