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Cavalier Card

Cavalier Cards entitle you to participate in a wide variety of activities and events sponsored by the Office of Campus Life. Cavalier Cards are administered to all Darton students regardless of the quantity of classes that the student is taking. Your Cavalier Card is valid for the duration of your stay at Darton and does not require validation each semester.

Where are they made?

Cavalier Cards are made at the Helpdesk located in the Technology Building, Room A-153.

What do I do?

After receiving your schedule for the upcoming semester, visit the ID booth in the Technology Building. Make sure you have your schedule in hand at the time of your visit. A picture will be taken of you and you will receive your ID card. Your card is valid for the duration of your time as a student at Darton.

When are IDs made?

You can click here to view the ID card schedule. This schedule will be made in order to accommodate the large volume of students and will last only for the first two weeks of each semester.

Why do I need a Cavalier Card?

Cavalier Cards are used as an identification device for the Darton community. Your card also allows you access to many different facilities and events on campus, which include Campus Life events, the fitness center, the Cavalier pool, the walking track, the Student Center, and the Cavalier Cove. Please see your student handbook for policies.

What if I lose my ID?
What if it's stolen?

A replacement fee of $20.00 will be charged for lost or stolen IDs.

What if I am a Distance Learning Student and need an ID Card?

If you would like to have a Cavalier Card and are taking Online Classes at a distance you may pay the $10.00 ID Card Fee. If you decide to pay the fee, please contact the Business Office (229-317-6713) and they will post the charge to your account. You will then be able to pay the fee by credit card online or through the Business Office directly. After paying the fee you will then need to send a copy of a valid picture ID via email to IT.ServiceDesk@darton.edu or fax to (229) 317-6007.

However if you do not want to pay the fee and need a document stating you are a current online student at a distance you may to request a letter of enrollment from the Online Department (onlineinfo@darton.edu).

View the Cavalier Card Policies & Procedures.

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