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Update Your DUCC Contact Information

Stay Informed - Update Your Contact Information in the Darton Urgent & Crisis Communication System (DUCC)

Emergency situations, from natural disasters to health scares to the threats of violence, shed light on the fact that we must always be fully prepared. Accordingly, Darton State College has implemented a Blackboard notification service to enhance college-to-student and college-to-employee communication and emergency preparedness. The DUCC system is a communication service that enables key administrators and security personnel to reach all students and staff with personalized voice and text messages quickly to provide valuable information should a need arise. Darton State College leadership cares about the safety and quality of education for its students and employees. This notification tool adds to our ability to provide an environment in which students and employees can feel safe and informed. The college will have the ability to send out two specific types of notifications: Critical notices and Informative notices. The intent of a critical notice is to provide subscribers with information that may prevent loss of “life or limb”. Informative notices will be used to contact subscribers with information that Darton has deemed to be valuable for you to know.

Students are automatically opted into the system at registration and employees are opted in when hired. Everyone should log into the DUCC System to confirm that all the information was loaded correctly, to update any of the contact information or to choose not to be included in the notification system. Instructions on how to log in and to change or opt out of the system are shown below. Students needing assistance may contact Office of Registrar & Records. Employees needing assistance may contact the Human Resources department.

How to Update or Not Participate DUCC System:

Step 1: Log Into MyDC

Open a web browser and log into the Darton MyDC website:
http://mydc.darton.edu (Click here for MyDC password assistance.)

MyDC Log in screen

Step 2: Review Your Current Address/Phone Information

In the lower left corner of the MyDC homepage, you will find ‘Darton Links’. Select ‘My DUCC Preferences’.

MyDC Links Screen

The current web page should now be labeled ‘DUCC Update – Select Address’.

DUCC Address Screen

To change your address or phone number, click on any hyperlinks labeled ‘Current’ for address, or ‘Primary’, ‘Cellular’ and ‘Home’ for phone numbers.

Note: Persons without a current address will see the following page.

DUCC Screen if not address

Click on Button Image: Create New Address/Phone.

You will now see the DUCC Update page. Here you will provide your current address and phone numbers.

DUCC Update Address Screen - VERY IMPORTANT! Informative messages are sent only to the primary phone number. Critical messages are sent to all configured phone numbers. SMS text field is reserved for SMS text service only - fees may apply.

Step 3: Save Your Changes

Once completed, click on Button Image: Save My Changes. You will now see a summary of your changes similar to the example below:

DUCC Address Screen

Step 4: Review Your Changes for Accuracy

After saving changes please ensure that the current address and phone number(s) are correct. Carefully check the phone numbers for accuracy. Try calling each number from a phone to ensure that it connects to the intended phone.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Services Division Helpdesk at 229-317-6704, IT.ServiceDesk@darton.edu, or submit a ticket at http://www.darton.edu/TSD/support.php.

*Standard text messaging rates and data transfer rates apply. To use SMS requires your device being text message capable. You must be the owner of the device and either be at least sixteen years old or have the permission of your parent or guardian to use this service.

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