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Data Warehouse

Dean of Students Office
Location: K 332
Phone: 229-317-6728

Dental Hygiene
Location: B 104
Phone: 229-317-6840
Fax: 229-317-6620
Department Head: Dr. Stacey B. Marshall
Assistant Professor - Debbie Zuern

Location: K 220
Phone: 229-317-6776

Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Location: J 249
Phone: 229-317-6986

Disabled Student Services Office
Location: C 224
Phone: 229-317-6867

Distance Education
Location: A 134
Phone: 229-317-6732
Fax: 229-317-6026
Department Head: Renita Luck
Online Support Specialist (Humanities) Mackenzie Knights
Online Support Specialist (PE/Health) Stevie Hall
Online Support Specialist (Science/Math) Nicole Jones
Online Support Specialist (Business/Social Science) Leah Sandbach

Responsible Department: Technology Services Division
Content Contact: Andrew Lenard, Dorea Hardy (web representative)
Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Tracy Cosper
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