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Office Directory

Science and Mathematics, Division of
Location: B 112
Phone: 229-317-6830
Fax: 229-317-6621
Department Head: Mr. Frank Malinowski
Senior Administrative Assistant - Vacant
Administrative Assistant - Muriel (Sue) Reakirt
Laboratory Assistant - Harnetha Dodd
Laboratory Assistant - Sonya Parker

Location: C 208
Phone: 317-6315, 317-6316 or 317-6328
Weekdays, Nights and Weekends Cell. Phone:
Darton Police: 344-2029 or 376-2700
If immediate assistance is needed call 911

Social Science, Division of
Location: I 133
Phone: 229-317-6810
Department Head: Wendy Kennedy
Senior Administrative Assistant - Carol Taylor

Student Activities Office
Location: C 111
Phone: 229-317-6750
Fax: 229-317-6633

Student Affairs, Office of
Location: K 332
Phone: 229-317-6728
Department Head: Dr. Gary Barnette
Administrative Assistant - Kathy C. Haley

Student Government Office
Location: C 131
Phone: 229-317-6752

Student Housing
Phone: 229-317-6310

Student Housing Circulation Desk
Phone: 229-317-6321

Student Success Program
Location: C 222
Phone: 229-317-6734

Responsible Department: Technology Services Division
Content Contact: Andrew Lenard, Dorea Hardy (web representative)
Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Tracy Cosper
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