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Office Directory

Academic Affairs Office
Location: K 320
Phone: 229-317-6710
Fax: 229-317-6619
Department Head: Dr. Joan Darden
Executive Assistant - Beth Tison
Senior Administrative Assistant - Barbara Blackburn

Accounting and Budgeting, Office of
Location: K 207 F
Department Head: Mr. Stan Brown

Accounts Payable
Location: K 207 D
Phone: 229-317-6718
Fax: 229-317-6609

Accounts Receivable/Employer Assistance
Location: K 121
Phone: 229-317-6713
Fax: 229-317-6609

Admissions, Office of
Location: K 104
Phone: 229-317-6740
Fax: 229-317-6647
Email: admissions @
Department Head: Vacant

Adult Education
Location: A 132
Phone: 229-317-6538
Email: military @
Department Head: Vacant
About: The Office of Military and Adult Education promotes college completion for adult learners and military personnel.

Albany Symphony Office
Location: C 210
Phone: 229-317-6799

Allied Health, Division of
Location: J 210
Phone: 229-317-6900
Fax: 229-317-6682
Department Head: Dr. Stacey B. Marshall
Senior Administrative Assistant - Gwendolyn Barker
Senior Administrative Assistant - Toni Thornton
Administrative Assistant Amy Palmer

Alumni Association
Location: K 220 D
Phone: 229-317-6729

Auxiliary Services
Location: C 107 / 111
Phone: 229-317-6770
Fax: 229-317-6672
Ms. Martha Snow - Events Coordinator/Auxiliary Contract Liaison
Ms. Eleanor Adair - Events Office/Meal Plan Coordinator

Responsible Department: Technology Services Division
Content Contact: Andrew Lenard, Dorea Hardy (web representative)
Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Tracy Cosper
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