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IT Strategic Plan

In this planning document, the information technology and information systems of Darton College are explored. The major goals and initiatives discussed in this plan are significant to the overall mission of the college and the University System. This document, however, is intended only to reflect major institutional directions, with subsequent modifications corresponding to respective plans of the College and the University System. The direction charted through this document indicates a priority of Darton College to lead Southwest Georgia into the Age of Learning. This will be accomplished through innovation and implementation of educational technology that facilitates learning and collaboration among students, faculty, and research windows in compliance with Guiding Principle #10. Darton College also will enhance technology initiatives that maximize public access to educational opportunities as states in Guiding Principle #33.

The College's Information Technology Strategic Plan is intended to be a "living" document, which must remain viable in a time of constant technological advancement. It is unrealistic to expect a planning document covering a time span of three years to predict accurately all future developments of such a dynamic area as information technology. Rapid adjustments and regular revisions of the plan are a vital and indispensable part in the on-going strategic planning process. This document, therefore, will serve to initiate a constant modification cycle of planning for information technology within the institution.

At its initial adoption, this plan will consist of the primary goals, or initiatives, recommended and adopted at the institutional level together with a Quarterly/Annual Plan of Action for specifying how strategic institutional initiatives will be undertaken for the fiscal year. Progress on the plan will continue to be evaluated by the appropriate advisory groups and management levels on an annual basis. Furthermore, unit goals currently unaccounted for in the present Quarterly/Annual Plan of Action will be implemented in a propitious time frame and consolidated into future plans of action. These unit plans must be consistent with the institutional Information Technology Strategic Plan and take into account the adopted primary initiatives in this plan. Each unit will be required to submit to the CIO their respective unit plans for compilation and consolidation into the institutional plan. As these unit plans are aggregated with the institutional plan, a living document will evolve representing articulated institutional and unit plans. On an annual basis, a revised information technology strategic plan will be presented to the College's governance bodies for review, along with a summary assessment from the CIO of the progress in achieving goals or undertaking initiatives indicated in the consolidated plan.

For additional information, please see the IT Strategic Plan located in SharePoint.

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