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How To...

Web Directory: Updating

Check the following page to review all of your information: Personnel System (opens new window)

Not listed or Incorrect information on the Web Directory

  1. Contact your department or division administrative assistant via e-mail
  2. Provide the following in the e-mail:
    • First and Last Name - Mandatory
    • Nick Name*
    • Office Phone Number
    • Off Campus phone Number*
    • Department Fax Number*
    • Darton Email Address
    • Building and Office number
    • Year of Employment
    • Department or Division Name
    • Status Level (Faculty or Staff & Part time or Full time)
    • Degree/Registry Information*
    • Position & Qualifications*
    • Biographical Information*
  3. Administrative Assistants are to check the information before sending it to Web Services

NOTE: All Position/Title changes must come through the Human Resources department.

* - Optional

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