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Publishing Guidelines

Concentrate on original work
Readers are looking for information on your college, department or organization. The most valuable contribution you can make to your readers is to publish original work. A collection of pointers to the work of others is valuable service, but it is not a substitute for publishing your own documents and materials.
Take advantage of the work of others
Cooperation and coordination are two prevailing principles among web publishers on this campus and throughout the world. Rather than duplicating the work of others, take advantage of it. Incorporate links to the work of others in your own pages, when appropriate. Reducing redundancy lets you concentrate on original offerings.
Proof and Review Content
Information on all Darton web pages must be kept accurate and conform to editorial standards including spelling, grammar, style, etc. (Do not expect the Web Services team to proof your work for you.) Any use of copyrighted material must have the express written permission of the person or organization that owns the copyright. This includes copy, photos and images. When using photos and images, you may need the permission of not only the person or organization who owns the photo, but also, from any individuals or persons included in the images. The College reserves the right to require proof of such written permission and to remove the material if that proof cannot be produced.
Keep pages up to date
Web publishing is not a one-time task. In many ways you’ll find updating your web pages easier than updating paper. Find more information on keeping your pages up to date in the How To section of this site.
Do not use gratuitous graphics
Use graphics to compliment and reinforce the concepts in text. Do not overuse graphics. Blinking text and other decorations are only distractions that get in the reader’s way. Background colors and textures are strongly discouraged because of additional download time.
Provide contact information
Official College pages must have a readily apparent e-mail address of the ‘contact’ for your department or division.

The Web Services department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Andrew Lenard or Email: Dorea Hardy.

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