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Division/Department Web page: Getting Started

  1. Research: If your department or division does not have a web page, the first thing you should do is a bit of research. Start by looking at other pages on the Darton web site and see what they have provided on their web page.

  2. More Research: Next, go out to other colleges in the University System of Georgia and find a department or division similar to yours. Browse around and see what these other colleges are providing on their web site to get an idea of what is and is not needed on your site. It is a good idea to keep a written list of the things you’d like to have on your web site

  3. Develop Content: Develop your content, preferably in Word, in small chunks (you don’t have to worry about the layout or design, just focus on the content). One of the most annoying things to many people is having to scroll and scroll and scroll down a long web page just to find a small paragraph on what they are looking for. If you have a lot of content you want to provide, break it down into smaller, logical chunks of information. Menus and sub-menus can be utilized to help guide a person through your pages and it will help them find what they are looking for faster. (This will also be an added benefit for you later when you need to update pages.)

  4. Develop Current Content: Keep in mind that people like current material. If the material is obviously out of date, people will go somewhere else to find what they are looking for. This means you need to think about how much time you are going to have to spend gathering updated material to keep the web page current. If you do not have enough time to keep the material current, try to think of ways to re-write your material to make it less time sensitive.

  5. Limit Images: Pictures are a two edged sword. While pictures can add a great deal of meaning to your pages as well as interest, they can also increase the amount of time it takes for a computer to download your page. Try to limit the number of pictures per page to a maximum of two (2) smaller images or one (1) larger image. (Note: Images should be in JPEG or GIF format.)

  6. Meet with Web Services: Contact and set up an appointment with the Web Services team. Of course, any time during the process of developing your web page you are more than welcome to contact the Web Services team for guidance, suggestions and input. Before your web pages can go up on the Darton web site though, you will have to meet with the Web Services team at least once.

The Web Services department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Andrew Lenard or Email: Dorea Hardy.

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