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Adding/Updating Photos

All photographs and images that you wish to display on the web site must be sent as separate digital files. The files should be in JPG, PNG, TIF, or GIF formats.

Do Not send the image in a Word document. Images embedded into Word are extremely time consuming to extract into separate files.

If you send an image embedded in a Word document, you will receive an email back, requesting the images as a separate file. Should you choose not to send the image file, the image will not be placed on your web page.

Faculty/Staff Department Directory Page Photos

If you had your photo taken by the Communications & Marketing department, you need to tell them that you want that image provided to the web administrator. Please do not expect anyone in either the Communications & Marketing department or the Office of Information Technology department to 'assume' that you want your photo placed on the web. Because there are employees of the college who do not want their image placed on the web, we do not place any faculty/staff images on the web in the directory unless it is specifically requested.

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