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Editable Areas:
What you get to modify > Standalone

  1. You have determined that your site is a "Standalone"
  2. You have the option to have your own "Template" for your site
    The template has four (4) areas which you can customize.
    Those areas are:
    1. Title
    2. "Header"
    3. Side-bar menu
    4. Body

  1. Title -
    Title Bar Example
    This is the first editable area, your information can be placed where "Admissions Center" is located.

  2. Header -
    Header Bar Example
    This is the second editable area, your department title would be placed where "Admissions" is located. Note: title should not exceed the space provided.

  3. Side-bar menu -
    Side-bar Example
    This is the third editable area for your page/template.
    Seen here, the first link is labeled with your 'title' as "home" and links to your home or main page. It is centered to let the viewer know that it is the main page of your site.

    Below is the list of various primary sections underneath the department. Each heading or section should be appropriately and concisely labeled so that your viewers know what information would be found on that page if they click on the link . . . BEFORE they click on the link.

    Currently, there are no set limits to the number of links you can have listed on your sidebar; however, it is recommended that you do not go overboard on the number of menu items. If there are too many items, the viewer of your page may become confused or frustrated and decide that it's not worth the effort. This is a scenario we would like to avoid.

    Lastly, if you have an important item that needs extra attention drawn to it, the item's colors can be changed as seen with "Check your Admissions Status Online!" This should be reserved for only one (1) item on your menu-bar, any more and it loses its value for attracting the eye.

  4. Body -
    The last editable section is your main body area. This is where your content will be placed. While the other three sections would remain the same throughout your 'site', this is the area that would change as the viewer navigates your site.
    Body Example

The Web Services department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Andrew Lenard or Email: Dorea Hardy.

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