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Editable Areas:
What you get to modify > Under another Department

  1. You have determined that your site is "Under another Department"
  2. Your site is going to fall under your primary department's template, letting visitors to your site know that you belong under a specific department.
    Examples in this case are: ESOL is apart of Humanities and Respiratory Care is a part of Health Sciences.
  3. You will only have one editable region for your site, which is the body region.
    Example of Body:Body Example

  4. For some departments, a menu system would still be needed, which will need to be consistent on all of your pages. In this case, a sub-menu system can be created for you. An example of this is seen in the picture above. Be careful how many items you place in this sub-menu. Don’t overwhelm your viewer and cause confusion. Choose names that concisely describe what is located on the page to which the link leads.

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