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Darton Club/Organization web site policies

  • The Club or Organization must have an active status. Check with the Office of Campus Life to find out the status.
  • If Darton hosting is requested, it must first be approved by the Campus Life Director and by the Chief Technology Officer.
  • Darton’s Technology Services Division WILL NOT create the pages for you or teach you how to create a web page. Students must design the site themselves or find assistance from a trusted source.
  • If hosting by Darton is not requested, students are responsible for finding and paying for their own hosting services.

As of: May 1, 2010

All student submitted sites must be validated by the W3C validator (http://validator.w3.org/ (opens new window)). Sites will be expected to pass the WCAG 2.0 Conformance Level AAA (opens new window).

ANY Club or Organization web site that uses the institution name, purports, or appears to be an Official Darton web site (whether hosted on Darton operated servers or elsewhere) must adhere to the following:

  • Pages must have a prominent link which leads back to Darton State College.
  • It must not contain any derogatory statements about Darton State College, or any persons attending or working for Darton State College.
  • There must not be any malicious code in the web site.
  • Last date updated should be clearly visible on all pages. Keep all pages and information up-to-date.
  • The site must contain a way for visitors to successfully contact a member of the organization, such as an e-mail address. E-mail addresses to include:
    1. Advisor’s Email (required)
    2. Club/Organization Officers Emails (optional, but preferred)
    3. Club/Organization Members Emails (optional)
  • The use of the official institution graphics, including logos, seals or other identifying marks is prohibited on unofficial pages. Permission from the Office of Institutional Advancement should be acquired before utilizing such graphics in a design.
  • Colors that allow for easy viewing. If you would like to coordinate with Darton’s web site, the current web site colors are:
  • Make certain that your navigation is clear and easy to read & follow.
  • Once designed, the club members must approve the design and the material placed in the site design. Once approved, the Campus Life Director must review and give approval of the design and material. This applies to all official club/organization web sites, whether hosted on or off campus.
  • (If hosted at Darton) Site must be submitted on a CD by the club advisor, accompanied by a letter of approval from the Campus Life Director, to the Technology Services Division Web Services.
  • (if NOT hosted at Darton) The web site address must be submitted by the club advisor, accompanied by a letter of approval from the Campus Life Director, to the Technology Services Division Web Services.
  • (If hosted at Darton) The Web Services team and the Chief Technology Officer will review the material provided on the CD. If approval is given, the site will be uploaded to a folder on the web server and a link will be placed to it on the Student Organization’s page. TSD reserves the right to alter or remove any material deemed inappropriate.
  • (If hosted at Darton) The club/organization is responsible for providing any and all updates to TSD via electronic means. Remember, the Campus Life Director must approve all changes. (The Web Services team will not make the changes to your web pages, so please do not just send an email saying something needs to be changed. NEW pages should be provided to replace the out of date pages!)
  • If the site is not hosted at Darton, students will need to provide the URL to TSD after approval has been granted, and a link will be added from the student organizations page.

All submissions must be provided by the Club or Organization ADVISOR.

Pages NOT hosted by Darton will be reviewed regularly. Out-of-date pages or sites that do not meet Darton’s policies will be unlinked from the organizations page with or without notice. Pages that are hosted by Darton and are not updated at least once a semester will be unlinked from the organizations page with or without notice and eventually removed from the institutions servers.

The Web Services department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Andrew Lenard or Email: Dorea Hardy.

Last Update: July 6, 2016 5:13 PM

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