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K Building StairsThe primary goal of the administration of Darton State College is to assure that both faculty and staff have the resources necessary to teach and assist students, while simultaneously assuring that students have an academic environment conducive to living and learning, both in class and out. The administration believes that student engagement in community service and service-learning is critically important both to the collegiate experience and to the preparation of students for life-long learning, service, and leadership. In short, at Darton we recognize that education is a lifelong process; therefore, as faculty, staff and administrators, we are committed to providing Darton students of all ages and all walks of life with educational programs and support services that allow each student to reach and exceed his or her goals and potential.

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The administration of Darton State College consists of multiple departments and offices working toward a common goal—to help you succeed in your curricular and co-curricular endeavors. Under the administrative umbrella, you will find the departments of: