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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Appeals Procedures

  1. Obtain the appropriate form from the Records office.
    1. For Academic Renewal, two forms are needed: “Academic Renewal Application” and “Request for Academic Appeal.”
    2. For change of grade or lifting academic suspension/dismissal, only the “Request for Academic Appeal” is needed.
  2. Fill out the forms completely.
  3. For change of grade, supporting documentation is required. The appeals committee will only hear appeals for grade changes from F or WF to W. If there is no supporting documentation, the appeal will not be heard.
  4. If you are requesting Academic Renewal:
    Have you been absent from Darton at least 5 years?
    1. Did you complete all learning support requirements prior to the absence?
    2. Have you remained out of all University System schools during the absence from Darton?
    3. Have you been back at Darton for less than one calendar year?
      If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you do not meet the criteria for academic renewal.
  5. Return the forms with any supporting documentation (including proof of extenuating circumstances) to the Records Office. ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION MUST ACCOMPANY THE ACADEMIC APPEAL FORMS. NO DOCUMENTATION WILL BE ACCEPTED LATER!
  6. The Academic Appeals committee meets on registration day of each semester. You must be present or your appeal will not be considered. Distance Learning students will be contacted by phone on the appeals day.

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