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Comprehensive Program Review


The Committee should keep in mind and ensure that the institution is “engaged in robust review processes and student learning assessment that culminates in continuous improvement in academic review programs and general education.” The committee should keep in mind and ensure that the comprehensive review process on campus has a “focus on building a culture of evidence to use CPR results to inform curricular change, program development, resource allocation, etc.” and that “a culture of evidence includes the indicators or outcomes collected, tracked and analyzed to help determine how to improve the quality of a program.” The purpose of the committee then is to act as a benign watchdog, an important part of the checks and balances system, of the institution.

Download and View the entire Comprehensive Program Review Report.


Download the following templates for use.

Completed Documents

Completed documents should be uploaded to the SharePoint site. Please use the following directions.

  1. Log onto SharePoint
  2. Under the "Documents Section" Click on Comprehensive Program Review
  3. Select the appropriate folder for the program you are uploading (ie: Transfer or Career)
  4. Select the appropriate Division Folder
  5. Select the Upload button.
    There is a small arrow just to the right of the word Upload, if you click that arrow you will get two options:
    • Upload Document
    • Upload Multiple Documents
    Choose the option that is most appropriate for your case.

If you have problems uploading documents, please contact Dorea Hardy for assistance at x6956.

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