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Ways to Apply to Darton State College

All new applicants to Darton State College that apply for admission are not required to submit an application fee.

Apply today and take advantage of this $20 savings!

  1. Submit Application Electronically

    Students are encouraged to submit their application electronically through GA Futures (opens new window).
    The link will open in a new window and take you away from the Darton State College web site.

  2. Print Application

    Students may print the application from our web site.

  3. International Application

    International Students may print the application for International Admission from our web site.

  4. Re-Admission Application

    Students may print the readmission application to resume attendance.
    For students who have attended Darton in the past but who have not attended the previous semester.

Note: PDFs require Adobe Reader 9 or later (opens new window) to view the files.

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