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Admissions Checklist

Military Students

  1. Application and non-refundable $20 application fee
  2. Immunization form (requirement waived for active duty with submission of military ID) 1
  3. Official copy of transcript(s) from all college(s) previously attended (in sealed envelope; cannot be faxed), if applicable
  4. Official copy of high school transcript if transferring in less than 30 credit hours
  5. Official copy of your military transcript (i.e. AARTS, SMART, CCAF, or CGI)
  6. ACT Compass® Placement Test, if required. After an evaluation of your transcripts, you will be notified by mail if an ACT Compass® Placement Test is required. If required, go to Placement Test (COMPASS) to register and access links for information. It is recommended that you take your ACT Compass® Placement Test at least 3 business days prior to registration. 2
  7. If active duty or an active duty dependent stationed in Georgia and do not claim Georgia as your home state of residency, present your military ID to the Admissions Office. If you are unable to do this in person, contact the Admissions Office for further instruction. 3
  8. Provide lawful presence verification by submitting your active duty military ID, a Georgia license or ID issued from 2008 on, a certified copy of your birth certificate, or a current US passport.
  9. If within twelve months of separation from service and intend to become a permanent resident of Georgia, submit a copy of your DD214 and a Residency Petition to the Registrar’s Office at least 10 days prior to classes beginning. 4

1 If you are taking online courses only, you may fill out the top of the form, sign the online disclaimer at the bottom, and submit the form; however, if you ever decide to take on-campus classes, you must submit the completed immunization form unless you are active-duty military and are exempt from the immunization requirement.

2 Peterson’s Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) (opens new window) can be utilized to help prepare for the COMPASS. All service members (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, Air National Guard, and Reserve), regardless of activation status (active, retiree, contractor, or civilian) and their families are eligible for this service.

3 Military personnel, their spouses, and their dependent children stationed in or assigned to Georgia and on active duty may receive out-of-state tuition differential waivers. The waiver can be retained by the military personnel, their spouses, and their dependent children if:

  1. The military sponsor is reassigned outside of Georgia, and the student(s) remain(s) continuously enrolled and the military sponsor remains on active military status;
  2. The military sponsor is reassigned out-of-state and the spouse and dependent children remain in Georgia and the sponsor remains on active military duty; or,
  3. The active military personnel and their spouse and dependent children are stationed in a state contiguous to the Georgia border and live in Georgia. (BoR Minutes, February 2009)

4 Members of a uniformed military service of the United States who, within twelve months of separation from such service, enroll in an academic program and demonstrate an intent to become a permanent resident of Georgia. This waiver may be granted for not more than one year.

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