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Admissions Mission Statement

The Admissions Office at Darton State College is dedicated to providing service to prospective and new students pursuing an undergraduate education. Our mission, consistent with that of Darton College and the University System of Georgia is to:

  1. Promote our campus and programs to prospective students and their representatives, as well as the public at large
  2. Admit and enroll students that reflect the values and commitment of the campus, faculty and administration, and ensure those students a smooth transition at the start of their academic career at Darton State College
  3. To attract and enroll an academically prepared body that is geographically, ethnically and economically diverse
  4. To disseminate electronic and printed materials that promote the educational opportunities and high quality academic programs of the College
  5. To maintain a high quality of service to all who come into contact with the Admissions Office
  6. To maintain and protect the academic integrity of the student’s records in accordance with the University System policies and FERPA

The Admissions department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Allan Case.

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