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Admissions Requirements

Move On When Ready (MOWR) Program

The MOWR Program provides an opportunity for academically talented high school students from eligible Georgia high schools to begin earning a college degree while simultaneously pursuing a high school diploma. The program offers financial assistance for participants through the HOPE Scholarship. All hours taken and paid for by the MOWR Program will not be counted in the combined paid-hours limit for the Hope Scholarship.

MOWR Eligibility

Minimum admissions requirements for the MOWR Program are as follows:

  1. Student Participation Agreement
  2. Completion of the 9th grade.
  3. High school academic GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  4. Submit an official transcript of secondary credits completed to date and evidence that the student is on track with college preparatory curriculum.
  5. Students must also submit ACT or SAT test scores that meet the following minimum standards.
Test Combined CR and Math (SAT)
Composite Score (ACT)
Critical Reading (SAT)
English (ACT)
SAT 970 430 400
ACT 20 17 17

How to apply for the MOWR program

The first step for enrolling in the MOWR Program is to meet with your high school counselor. After eligibility is determined, the student must submit the following to the Darton State College Office of Admissions:

  • Completed MOWR Program application form* (Must be completed at www.gacollege411.org)
  • Completed Darton State College application for admission
  • An official copy of the high school transcript showing GPA and credits to date
  • An official copy of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or ACT Assessment scores
  • Satisfaction of Verification of Lawful Presence.
  • Immunization Records
  • Student Participation Agreement**

*A new MOWR application must be submitted each semester of enrollment.
**A new Student Participation Agreement must be completed each semester.

For more information and an MOWR application, visit GA College 411 at www.gacollege411.org.

For additional questions about the program or how to apply, contact Kristin Speegle, Dual Enrollment program coordinator, in the Darton State College Admissions Office at kristin.speegle@darton.edu or call (229) 317-6942 or toll-free at 1-866-775-1214.

ALL APPLICANTS: All beginning students (freshman, transfers, etc.) attending regularly scheduled classes or receiving resident credit must submit a Certificate of Immunization for measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, Hep. series, and TD prior to attending classes.

Verification of Lawful Presence Information

BOR Policy 4.3.4 “Each University System Institution shall verify the lawful presence in the United States of every successfully admitted person applying for resident tuition status (in-state tuition).”

This is not a requirement for admission to Darton State College, however you MUST provide this information prior to your registering and enrolling for classes.

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