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Report Access

In order to be able to use the available reports, you must first have been granted inquiry access to the appropriate database table(s). Some existing reports require access to the BANNER production database, while others require access to the Data Warehouse. If you do not have access to a particular report and need access to it, please contact us.

When most reports are started, the first page that will display is a report header record. This record contains information and any special comments about the report.

Report Navigation

To navigate through a report, you may use the preview window or the left and right arrows on the report menu bar. The preview window will display the available sections of the report. To go directly to a section, simply click on the section name in the preview area. If you wish to scan the report from the first page through the last, click on the arrow that points to the right. If you wish to go directly to the last page, click on the right arrow with the bar attached. If you are in a drill-down report and have drilled-down to some detail information, to navigate back up the structure, left-click on the red 'X' symbol on the far left of the report menu bar. The arrows that point to the left will direct you up the pages of the report. To return to the list of available reports, click on the browser 'back' button.

Refreshing Report Data

Be sure to refresh the report data if you have previously viewed the report and have not shut down your browser. Your browser will 'cache' the data and will use it again unless you tell it to REFRESH THE DATA by clicking on the 'lightning bolt' symbol.

BANNER Production Reports

Data Warehouse Reports