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WACADHST User Dictionary


Description: The history table contains general information about each student who has received a grade for at least one course at Darton College since Summer quarter of 1991. This information includes name, address, demographics, degree and major, academic status, GPA, credit hours, non-course requirements, entrance exam scores, and other general student information. It also contains academic history for these students, including general course and grade information. There exists a table entry for each course grade given a student; therefore, a student will have multiple entries in this table and possibly multiple entries for a particular course taken, if given more than grade (for example, if a student retook a course). The information in this table is extracted from the Banner student information system on a weekly basis (usually over the weekend).

Note: This table is actually an Oracle view that is comprised of the following two tables: WHHACAD - Academic History Header (Student Information) and WHDACAD - Academic History Detail (Course Information).

Table Data: The length of the each item is included in parenthesis after the item name. Numeric decimal field lengths are represented by the number of decimal positions before and after the decimal point (example: 999.99 indicates that there are up to three positions before the decimal point and two after). Fields with date information include the word 'Date' following them.

Codes: The current Banner codes for the table items listed below can be referenced using the Banner form specified under the item description.