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General Information


Central Stores is a college operated stock room, which stocks and furnishes commonly used office supply items to the departments of the college at cost. Due to our ability to purchase in quantity, prices are sometimes lower than through standard commercial sources. Currently we stock over 430 items.

The Central Stores catalog has been published to aid departments in ordering items that are regularly stocked and are available for immediate. The prices in the catalog are subject to change without notice, and these prices are approximate only. At time of actual purchase cost may vary. The catalog will be periodically updated as time permits. Information in the catalog is presented in the following formats and can be found in Sharepoint:

  • Price Listing by Item Number
  • Price Listing Alphabetically

Ordering Merchandise

To order from Central Stores use form C-74, Central Stores Requisition (located in Sharepoint forms). In the spaces provided at the top of the form, put the requisition date, your 10 digit department requisition number, and a realistic delivery date. Then list the items desired, DOUBLE-SPACE between items, in the spaces provided showing item number, quantity & unit, stock number, description, unit price, and extension total. DO NOT use, or type into column labeled “C/S USE”.

It is important to order only by the two (2) letter unit of issue designation as shown in the catalog; please do not order in bulk quantities, [e.g., to order 2 cases of paper, then type “20 RM” (10 reams per case) on the requisition; otherwise, if you type “2 CS” when the unit of issue is “RM” (ream), you will probably receive 2 reams]. Also be sure to use enough of the description in the catalog to identify the item.

Finally, in the space labeled “BUDGET UNIT/ACCOUNT CODE” put your 22 digit department account number & ‘714120’ (supplies), and then obtain all appropriate signatures in the spaces provided (located toward the bottom of the form). Please remember to keep a copy of the completed requisition for your records. Please note that if you do not follow the instructions just described, your order will be delayed, or could even be returned for you to redo.

There may be instances when departments will require large quantities of stocked items. If Central Stores is notified of these requirements approximately 3 weeks prior to the required date, action can be taken to have the items available for issue when needed (6 to 10 weeks are needed for some items.). Otherwise, if Central Stores is not notified of these large orders, the items will probably be backordered or canceled.

Delivery/Order Processing Time

Normally, delivery of items ordered will be made within 3 working days from the date the requisition is submitted to Central Stores. However, the delay on orders submitted during the last week of any month may be slightly longer due to the closing out of financial records. Also at the end of Fall and Spring Quarters expect slightly longer delays due to the larger number of orders processed at those times. When a bona fide emergency arises, “walk through” your requisition. Please make sure that proper procedures are still followed. Then you may bring your requisition to Central Stores, and your order will be filled at that time. You can then carry it back with you.

When receiving merchandise from Central Stores, please check the invoice and items when they arrive. If the invoice is only partially filled, initial and date for each line item you receive; DO NOT SIGN THE INVOICE AS BEING COMPLETE. If the invoice is complete, then date and sign. A copy of the invoice should always be given to you at the time of delivery.

A completed invoice may not represent a completed requisition. Please check you invoice against your requisition when time permits. Notes at bottom of invoice will inform you whether Central Stores believes your order has some items on backorder, has been closed out as delivered, or has been completely filled as requested.

Back Order Policy

If you order an item of stock that has become depleted, it will be backordered. Requisition will remain open for a maximum of 45 days; if the item still has not arrived, it will be canceled and you will be instructed how to reorder. Also, any items that are still on backorder at the time the December or June inventories are conducted, will be automatically canceled (all orders must be closed before inventory is taken).


Recommendations for improving services, stocking of new items, or discontinuance of old items are welcome and encouraged. To request that a new item be added to Central Stores, please do so in writing, giving a complete description of the item and your estimated annual usage. Also, if you have knowledge of any other department(s) who may use this item, please include their name(s) on your request.

Questions regarding items stocked, requisitions, or processing procedures should be referred to Central Stores, phone ext. 6793 or e-mail Don Bragg.

Thank you for your past patronage and support for our Central Stores operation.

For more information contact: don.bragg@darton.edu

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