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Darton State College Financial Aid Policy Change - Repeated Coursework

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Policy Change

Repeated Coursework

A recent federal regulation change regarding repeated coursework may impact your financial aid eligibility and awards. Effective for the summer 2013 semester, in order for a repeated course to be counted towards your enrollment status for financial aid purposes, you may only repeat a previously passed course once (a total of two attempts). If you enroll in a previously repeated and passed course for a third time, this course will not count towards your enrollment for financial aid purposes. For example, if you are enrolled in a total of 12 credit hours and 3 credits you have repeated twice and passed during prior terms, you will only be considered enrolled in 9 hours for financial aid purposes.

Be advised, this regulation considers D’s passing when a C or better is required for graduation. i.e., English 101 & 102, Anatomy and Physiology and/but not limited to Allied Health Classes. For example- a student receiving financial aid enrolls in English 101 and makes a D. Because a C is required to pass, the student is required to retake the class. The following term student enrolls in English 101, and, again, makes a second D. This student’s future enrollment for financial aid payout rules will always exclude English 101.

This regulation includes courses on all academic transcripts as well as classes not paid for with financial aid funds.

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