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Office of Student Financial Aid

Division of Student Affairs

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Student Financial Aid is to remove financial barriers to student enrollment and retention at Darton College. We seek to assure that any qualified student who desires to pursue and complete an education at this college can obtain appropriate resources to do so.

The Financial Aid Office seeks to provide financial aid services which are accessible, sensitive to individual student needs, and effective in enabling students to bridge the gap between family resources and educational expenses. The delivery of services will be characterized by timeliness, accuracy, and clarity, and will be accomplished through the simplest procedures consistent with fiscal responsibility and governmental and institutional regulations. The Financial Aid Office is committed to provide student borrowers with loan counseling and information about loan indebtedness and repayment responsibilities. In responding to the diverse and changing needs of the college community, a spirit of cooperation and an approach which is flexible, equitable, innovative, and broad will be maintained.

About the Office

The Department of Student Financial Aid is a unit of the Division of Student Affairs. Nine staff members are available to help with even the most difficult questions. To ensure personal attention, students are assigned a counselor alphabetically by the student's last name. Counselors are available for appointments during regular office hours, 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, by walk-in for quick questions, by e-mail or telephone. If a student is unable to meet during regular office hours, an after-hours appointment can be made.

The Financial Aid department is responsible for the information on this page.
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