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Types of Financial Aid Available

Work Opportunities

Federal Work-Study provides work experiences on and off campus for students who wish to earn both money and experience while attending college.  Financial need, program of study, class schedule, work experience, health, and academic progress are all factors that are considered when students are placed.  The average employment is 10-19 hours per week and the rate of pay is the current minimum wage per hour.

Job Placement is a service offered to all present and former Darton students.  The office assists in locating part-time and full-time jobs during the school year, during the summer, and upon graduation.

Institutional Work opportunities are available on a limited basis on campus.  Employment under this program is not as restrictive concerning financial need and is available to those individuals with skills required in certain specific areas.  The rate of pay is the current minimum wage.

Check out the Career Development Center for more information on Work Opportunities.

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