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Darton State College Plant Operations

Location / Phone
D/Maintenance Building
(229) 317-6780 - Phone
(229) 317-6616 - Fax

Hours of Operation
8:00 am through 5:00 pm
Mondays through Fridays

Director of Plant Operations
Mr. Lee Howell

Senior Administrative Assistant
Patsy Blackburn

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Plant operations is under the umbrella of Business and Financial Services and is a service unit, which provides a range of services to enhance the instruction and public service mission of out college, as a whole. While we focus on a standard of service that is responsive to the needs students, faculty, staff, we also seek to exceed the expectations of these individuals. The success of our mission is and will continue to be attained through maximization of staff knowledge and skills, which strengthens the quality of our internal controls and, thereby reflects the integrity and accountability required of our unit.

Staff: E-mail: Position:
Lee Howell lee.howell@darton.edu Director of Plant Operations
Patsy Blackburn patsy.blackburn@darton.edu Senior Administrative Assistant
Ed Fox ed.fox@darton.edu Skilled Trades Worker
Larry Kimbrel larry.kimbrel@darton.edu Skilled Trades Supervisor
Dan Story dan.story@darton.edu Grounds Superintendent

The Plant Operations department is responsible for the information on this page.
For questions regarding content, or for further information, please contact Email: Lee Howell.

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