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nursing faculty has enhanced the course’s
orientation to accommodate interest from
qualified applicants, such as doubling the number
of students admitted Fall 2013, as compared to
Fall 2012, and, starting in January 2014, allowing
students to start the program in the spring or fall
semesters. In some cases, the faculty will consider
students who don’t quite meet the 3.0 grade point
average normally required for the program.
“We accepted all candidates who met our
admission criteria,” Suber said. “The main
difference between the first and second cohort
was the decision to accept students with a GPA
less that a 3.0, but still greater than the 2.7 GPA
required for our associate degree. We did allow a
few in the first cohort, and the GPA did not show a
correlation with those who were not successful in
the program.”
Students say the success of the students –
and the program itself – can be attributed to the
helpful nature of the nursing faculty.
“I attended this school for my associates
degree and had I not liked it then, I would not
have returned a second time,” Tate said. “I feel the
teachers promote learning and success, not failure
and defeat.”
The students and the faculty must be doing
something right. In November 2013, Dr. April
Reese, dean of nursing, announced that the
bachelor’s program had passed yet another
milestone toward permanent national recognition
by the Accreditation Commission for Education in
“I am pleased to announce that the ACEN
Accreditation Team is recommending initial
accreditation of the RN to BSN program, with the
next visit in five years,” Reese said. “We had six
minor recommendations that we will immediately
and easily address. This is not the final, as the
accreditation process is a three-tier review, but
[we] are positive the recommendation will be
maintained in the next two reviews.”
As for Tate, her new nursing degree has opened
new opportunities for growth, both personally and
“Once I graduated, I left for California to get a
little experience in travel nursing, so once I decide
I’m tired of that I definitely plan to venture into a
different area of nursing,” said Tate, who has been
specializing in trauma orthopedics and medical/
surgical care. “I wanted to get this program done
as soon as possible so that I could go ahead and
travel for a few years and get that adventure done,
get a regular job and learn a different area of
nursing with my BSN degree.”
Fall 2013
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