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new confectionary has opened up
in Albany, Ga. and one of Darton State
College’s very own graduates is behind
the sugary scenes.
Lindsay Bridges and her husband
Brian opened up SmallCakes, and
franchise cupcakery, on the 2800 block
of Old Dawson Road, in June of this
year. SmallCakes, a Texas based chain,
specializes in cupcakes of every taste
and variety, and even some you may
not have tried, like maple bacon and
apple stuffed French toast.
Although she and her husband
own the venture, Lindsay is actually a
nursing graduate and still works as a
nurse here in Albany.
Like many college students,
Lindsay’s experience in college was
a journey of exploration. She states,
“I didn’t start out my college career
thinking I was going to be a nurse, or
own a cupcake shop. But the things I
learned in college and the friends and
acquaintances I made led me where I
am today.”
As for students currently trying
to find a career path and finish their
education, she encourages them “not
to give up, no matter how hard the
class or how much time it takes to get
it done. I know lots of people who take
one or two classes at a time because
they work full time and/or have kids.
The most important thing is to get it
done, because it is completely worth it
in the end.”
Originally from Lee county, Lindsay
graduated from Darton College in 2007
with her degree in nursing
after already having earned her
Baccalaureate degree in biology. After
graduating from Darton, she earned
her Master’s in nursing from Thomas
University, and she currently works as
a neonatal nurse at Phoebe Hospital in
the NICU.
Although she still works as a
neonatal nurse, she and her husband
decided to open SmallCakes when they
heard that one was opening in Valdosta
and thought one might do well in
Albany, as well. One of the major selling
points for Lindsay and her husband
was the fact that the products are made
fresh, onsite, daily.
The Albany location has twelve
flavors served daily, including red
velvet, chocoholic, carrot cake, and
cookies and cream. In addition, they
also serve flavors of the day, such as
strawberry cheesecake, mudslide,
pecan pie, and caramel apple pie, just
to name a few. SmallCakes is open
Monday through Saturday from 10 AM
until 8 PM and from 12 PM until 4 PM
on Sunday.
A Sweet
“[T]he things I
learned in college
and the friends and
acquaintances I made
led me where
I am today.”
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