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irst, let me begin by
expressing my sincere
gratitude to the Darton
State College community
for the honor and privilege
to serve as your interim
president. I am humbled to
serve this great institution
and to do so during one
of the most significant
transitional periods in Darton State’s nearly
50-year history. While I only recently joined
the southwest Georgia community, I have been
overwhelmed by the extraordinary hospitality
shown to me and the exciting things happening
at Darton State College.
I also want to take this opportunity to
recognize the leadership and accomplishments
of former President Peter Sireno. During his 24
years at Darton, enrollment increased nearly
221%. The growth in facilities and programs as
well as the institution’s reputation saw equally
impressive results. This remarkable foundation
provides a unique opportunity for all of us
to help lead Darton State to the next level of
As I walk around campus and meet faculty
and staff, their passion and commitment to serve
students is evident. The types of programs,
services and volunteer efforts of the students,
faculty, and staff shows the strength, compassion
and vision that Darton State has for our
community and the positive impact it has on the
State of Georgia.
In various settings both on campus and in the
community, I have expressed that my agenda for
Darton State College is to continue to provide
the highest level of service to students while
moving this institution forward in a positive and
significant way. Darton State has built amazing
momentum as a college, and it is my desire to
build on the foundation of excellence that has
been laid for our students and the southwest
Georgia community.
As you enjoy this edition of
, I hope
the articles reinforce for you, Darton State’s
commitment to excellence in education.
We remain committed to providing students
with a high-quality education at an affordable
rate. Our vision continues to be to “create a
more educated community, well prepared for a
global, technological society, by providing first-
rate undergraduate education and committed
public service.”
Paul Jones
Interim President
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