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ampus Life is a growing program, both in
programs and efficiency, according to Eric O’Cain,
assistant dean of the division.
Welcome Week is an example of both the
improved efficiency and the growth in programs.
“I was extremely happy with the participation,”
O’Cain said. “We hit our (participation) goals in
almost every area.”
Efficiency has improved since Campus Life
began using a card-swipe system to record the
number of participants in all campus activities.
This semester, the Club Fair had 500 students,
422 went to the Fun Park, and 375 attended
Midnight Madness. Music Trivia attracted
300, Headphone Disco attracted 275, and 150
attended Paintball. Outdoor Recreation, which is
now part of Campus Life, generated another 500-
1,000 contacts with additional events.
O’Cain pointed out that even though the
events attracted more than 2,000 participants,
there was some duplication in the numbers.
“Some of the students attended more than
one event, so you can’t say 2,000 students
participated,” he said. “In my world we call it
contacts.” Rojelio Valentine said the International
Festival was his favorite event of the semester.
“Not only did I attend the event, but I also
participated in representing the country my
family is from: Puerto Rico,” he said. “It was an
incredible experience to see all the students
represent their cultures and heritage.”
Kelpsie Lott said paintball was the most
exciting activity.
“It was a fun alternative from the normal
activities that take place in the union,” he said.
Jordan Richey’s favorite event was Paintball.
“There was a good turnout and it was
something different,” he said. “It was a good way
to get students to interact in a fun, thrilling way.”
Jeremy Hayes enjoyed a more educational
activity: the student forum with President Jones.
“I like hearing the concerns from students,” he
said. The card-swipe system is part of the Campus
Life improvement in efficiency. The system allows
more accurate recording of student participation.
It also allows Campus Life access to demographic
information about the students who attend
events. Campus Life has programs that fall under
four categories: social, educational, recreational,
and cultural. Examples of social programs
are the beach party each spring semester,
concerts, and Midnight Madness. Recreational
programs include intramural sports and outdoor
recreational activities. Cultural programs include
the International Festival and support of the
performing arts programs, while the educational
programs include Constitution Day and the
Distinguished Lecture Series.
“We want learning to occur outside the
classroom because when you do that, students
achieve better, become better leaders, and
become more academically persistent,” O’Cain
said. “That helps with our retention.”
Campus Life sponsors 4-5 trips each year.
Fall semester, participating students went on a
cave exploring and climbing trip to Fayette, Ga.
Outdoor Recreation also sponsors white water
rafting trips and canoe trips on the Flint River.
“We don’t claim to be reinventing the wheel,”
O’Cain said. “But we are making our programs
more meaningful.” -
Fall 2013
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