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Darton State College
has been providing
excellence in education
to students from around
Southwest Georgia, the
nation, and the world
for nearly 50 years. In
support of that mission,
the Darton State College
Foundation and its roster
of dedicated trustees are
endeavoring to raise funds for
continued growth.
Our trustees will tell you, one of the best ways
to meet a critical need right away is to give to the
Darton Annual Fund, which supports student
scholarships. These gifts provide the means for
DSC to recruit high caliber and well-deserving
students and give them the opportunity to
become the best in their chosen field.
These students enrich our community by
bringing fresh ideas and contributing to the local
economy as they live and learn in Southwest
Georgia. This is the very essence of economic
growth, and as I speak with many business
owners around the area, they are beginning
to realize just how valuable Darton and our
students, faculty, and staff really are.
Just this past month, two businesses that
have been in the area for years have partnered
with Darton to offer their support of the annual
fund, and by doing so, have increased their
visibility to the DSC community - a truly viable
and virtually untouched Albany market segment.
This is truly a picture of economic growth and
opportunity for Southwest Georgia, and our
great college is right in the middle of all of it!
With a total of 45,000 students served, more
than 15,000 graduates, and a current student
population of more than 6,000, Darton State
is poised to continue to serve our region with
growth and academic excellence. I thank you
in advance for considering us as part of your
year-end charitable giving. Your donation and
involvement with the Foundation and Darton
State College will make a difference for years to
come. If you want to truly spark business and
growth in this area, invest in Darton. We have
dozens of ways that you can give, and each
opportunity will have a lasting impact on the
lives of hundreds of students, their families and
the communities in which they will live.
Donations to the foundation are tax
deductible, and you can donate securely online
at or call the Advancement
Office today at (229) 317-6595 to discuss your
ideas for helping to transform lives!
Focused on our future,
Tracy Goode
Dean for Advancement
Fall 2013
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