Capstones Fall 2013 - page 32

arton State College is an athletic powerhouse,
both in Georgia and nationally. DSC teams
frequently win state championships and compete
for national titles.
School officials now have a new vision for the
school. The new vision is for DSC to become the
leading center for performing arts in the South
Georgia area. If you think that the school will have a
difficult time turning that dream of his into a
reality, you better think again.
An agreement has been signed by DSC officials
and President of the Albany Symphony Association
Rev. Jim Bullion that would bring the Albany
Symphony Orchestra performances to Darton
State College. This agreement would add to an
assortment of shows already on the campus of
Darton State College. Claire Fox Hillard, the Director
of Performing Arts at Darton State College and the
Fall 2013
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