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and the Conductor of the Albany Symphony Orchestra, says
that this is the 50th anniversary of the Albany Symphony
Orchestra, and over the years, the Orchestra has always
been involved with Darton in one way or another.
‘‘This agreement will bring the Symphony back to
campus, and we hope to establish offices here if space
allows,” he said.
The Albany Symphony Orchestra will be adding more
locations to its shows. The Darton State College Theater,
the Albany Municipal Auditorium, the
Albany Museum of Art, and Carnegie
Library will host shows.
Hillard said that this adds more variety
and more opportunities for people to
watch shows because there will be matinée
and evening performances as well. Concert
days and times for shows vary from Friday-
Sunday from 2:30, 4:00, 7:30, and 9:00 p.m.
Students and others who are interested
in becoming a part of the Albany Symphony
Orchestra will have to perform an audition.
‘‘We are also hoping to start an internship-
apprenticeship program through this
agreement with Darton and the Albany
Symphony Association… We hope this
will also attract more students to Darton,’’
Hillard said.
This agreement is mutually beneficial
and both sides are winners, he added.
‘‘This agreements definitely makes
Darton the center of performing arts in
South Georgia with music, theater, dance,
and performing arts departments,’’ Hillard
said. With different days, times, and the
new agreement, the Albany Symphony
Orchestra is branching out and reaching
more people than ever before.
To view the season schedule, buy
tickets, and learn more about the 50th
Anniversary of the Albany Symphony
Orchestra, you can visit its website at or like their page on
Facebook. -
Fall 2013
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