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arton State College will be one of the
beneficiaries of the Dougherty County Medical
Society’s annual Riverfront Run, held each
October. The Health Sciences Division will
receive $2,500 from the proceeds of the run,
according to Dr. Karen Lovett, president of the
Dougherty County Medical Society.
“We are proud to be supporters of the
Darton State College Health Sciences Division,”
she said. “We share the same mission of
providing health care to the public.”
She said the benefits of the Riverfront Run
extend beyond Darton State College and the
Dougherty County Medical Society.
“As physicians and health care providers,
we are well aware of the benefits of exercise,”
she said. “The event also gives people the
opportunity get involved in their community in
a positive way.”
Two hundred runners participated in the 5K
run and another 30 participated in the one
mile run. More than 50 people volunteered
to register runners, to provide refreshments,
to set up and take down tables and other
equipment, and to clean up after the event.
“Quite a few of the volunteers were from
Darton, and we had the Turner Job Corps
volunteers,” said Amy Fix, executive director of
the Dougherty County Medical Society.
The Health Sciences Division provided many
of those volunteers.
“We had one of our student clubs, the
Respiratory Care Club, volunteer both Friday
afternoon and Saturday,” Dr. Stacey Marshall,
dean of Health Sciences, said. “Then we had 14
faculty volunteers. That is over 50 percent of
our division.”
Marshall, who was among the Health
Sciences group at the event, said volunteering
has multiple benefits for her.
“This benefits the students of our division
and we can change lives,” she said. “It’s also a
wonderful way to give back to the community.”
In addition to the volunteers from Health
Sciences, Allethea Brooks, a respiratory care
instructor, participated as a runner.
Darton volunteers were not limited to
the Health Sciences Division. Others who
volunteered included Tracy Goode, dean of
Institutional Advancement; Lisa Malinowski,
Alumni and Advancement Coordinator; Martha
Snow, Auxiliary Enterprises Manager; Larry
Anderson, assistant professor of English; and
Tony Smith, instructor of math.
Fix said the event was a big success as usual.
“It was a great success,” she said. “The
numbers (of participants) were down from
previous years. I attribute that to the number
of 5K runs there are. There is a 5K almost every
weekend. But other than that, it was a great
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