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ince 1998, the Georgia Commission on
Women and the Georgia Women’s Institute has
selected four women each year as recipients
for unrestricted educational scholarship grants
of $1000 each. For the third time, Darton State
College has had a woman selected for just such
an award. Marlene Joiner was given the award
in August based on her academic excellence,
leadership, and career objectives. Marlene is
currently a business management major working
towards her Associate’s degree, but she plans to
continue on to earn her Bachelor’s degree so that
she may advance her career where she currently
works full-time.
Even though Marlene works full-time and
raises a family, she was still able to make Darton’s
Merit list for Summer 2013. In order to be on the
Merit list, a student must be part-time and earn
at least a 3.4 grade point average. In addition,
Marlene is a very active member of the community
as she is part of the Women’s Edge Coalition,
Know Women, the March for Babies, as well as the
Lake Park Recreation Club.
As such, it is not surprising that Marlene
selected Darton State College for its variety of
online and in-class availability as well as its
ability to offer classes close to her home. She
enjoys the smaller class sizes Darton offers, which
allow more interaction with professors who, she
says, “are willing and able to help advance my
The Georgia Commission on Women works
“to advance the health, education, economic,
social and legal status of women in Georgia.” The
Georgia Women’s Institute works “to bring women
together to support leadership and education,
to develop and disseminate research, provide
information, training and advocacy and to secure
funds to support core issues for women and
families in Georgia.” Although each scholarship
is $1,000, the organization has distributed
approximately $85,000.00 since the program
began in 1998.
Georgia Woman of the Year
Committee Selects Another
Darton Student for Scholarship
Fall 2013
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