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arton State College soccer star Diego
Ramos signed a professional contract in Honduras
with Club Deportiva Victoria, a 1st division, high
profile team that will expose him to both domestic
and the CONCACAF Champions League play.
In the fall of 2011, Ramos led the NJCAA with
30 assists and scored 17 goals as an attacking
central midfielder for the Cavaliers before he was
crowned the NJCAA Player of the Year. He was also
an All American and GCAA conference player of the
year during his two seasons with Darton.
CD Victoria competes with American Major
League Soccer teams such as Kansas City and
Houston in the Confederation of North, Central
America and Caribbean Association Football
(CONCACAF) Champions League.
His side finished the 2012-2013 Champions
League tournament as runners-up and with the
best aggregate record.
“I’ve been working really hard to get where I
am in my career, and I realized that to make it I
had to work twice as hard because everyone wants
to reach the top, but not everyone is willing to
sacrifice everything to get there,” he said in an
email from Honduras. “A key to being at this level
was spending two years at Darton.”
Darton State College head men’s soccer coach
Bart Sasnett said he was positive Ramos would
sign a professional contract after leaving Darton,
and he feels that this is only the beginning of a
bright career in professional soccer.
“It is a very competitive league,” Sasnett said.
“It’s going to prepare him for future endeavors in
the pro ranks, as Diego is by far one of the most
driven individuals and leaders that I have ever
coached. His character is unmatched. He came here
and really grew up and matured very quickly.”
“I learned a lot from Coach Bart and also from
the teammates,” Ramos said. “I want to thank
Coach Bart for believing in me and for giving me
the confidence I needed to become the player I am
now. I enjoyed learning from him. Hopefully one
day I can go finish my classes at Darton and be
coach Bart’s assistant.
”I also want to thank (Darton Athletics
Director) Mike Kiefer and (soccer academic
advisor) Carol Ann Ham for always being behind
the team and supporting us.” - DAVID MANN
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