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arton State Cavaliers are Cavaliers for life. The Darton State College Alumni Association
is here to help keep former Darton students connected with what is happening on campus.
Capstones sat down with Lisa Malinowski, the Alumni Development & Advancement Coordinator
at Darton, to find out how to get involved with the Alumni Association.
1. What does the Alumni Association do at Darton State College?
The Alumni Association creates and strengthens the connection between students, previous
students (alumni), the community, and Darton. It’s our job to keep Darton relevant, so that
students don’t feel like their relationship with Darton is over once they stop taking classes.
2. Who is an alumnus?
In a traditional four-year setting an alumnus is someone who has earned a degree from an
institution. At Darton, because we serve such a broad student body who have walked our halls for
many different reasons, we are proud to consider all former students a part of our alumni family.
3. How does an alumnus get involved with the Alumni Association?
They can start by “liking” us on Facebook, updating their information online at,
or by calling the Alumni Office.
4. What kind of commitment is required to be a part of the Alumni Association?
There is a lot of opportunity for involvement in the Alumni Association - everything from reading
the monthly e-newsletter, attending an alumni event, mentoring a student, or even becoming a
board member.
5. Why is it important to keep connected with Darton and other alumni?
Darton needs alumni support on all levels. Alumni are our cheerleaders at events on campus and
in the community, and they are the key to our future growth.
6. How does the Alumni Association serve current Darton State College students?
The Alumni Board of Directors has just given the go-ahead to start a Student Alumni Association.
In their membership responsibilities they will be asked to market the alumni association to
current students. Also, they will be matched to an alumnus who is in their field for mentoring.
alums keep up with the Alumni Association?
of communication are the monthly e-newsletter and Facebook. Be sure to add
to your address book.
s does the Alumni Association have?
Look for newsletters, events, and volunteer opportunities. We invite everyone back to campus for a
personal tour to see how we have grown.
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