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r. Paul Jones couldn’t have grown up further
from South Georgia. One half of a set of twins, the
youngest in a family of 10, Jones grew up in south-
central Los Angeles.
His career spans more than 27 years and has
included stops in Utah, Colorado, Maryland, and
Georgia. Most recently, Jones served as senior
vice president for Finance and Administration at
Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville,
which also included a two-month stint as Interim
President at GCSU.
While his road from the City of Angels to the
Good Life City has included stops in many other
towns, Jones believes that one of the keys to a
successful presidential tenure is timing.
“When you bring in a new President, you hope
you get the right President at the right time,” Jones
said. “It’s not just about me; it’s about us, and we
have a good match in my view.”
Day in and day out, Jones is learning just how
strong of a match he and Darton State College are
for each another.
“I see myself in our students. I was drawn to
athletics,” the former Utah A&M football and track
and field standout said. “There are a lot of skills
that I learned from athletics that I still use today;
there is also the dark side. I remember seeing when
I got to college that I wasn’t necessarily prepared. I
remember not knowing what I wanted to do.”
For Jones, helping students who find themselves
in a situation like he was in when he was younger is
one of the most important roles that an institution
of higher education can play.
“It’s not just about getting the students in here,”
Jones said. “When they walk out, we need to make
sure they walk out with something in their hand.”
For Darton, that means building on the successes
of the past to play an even more important role for
students and the local community in the future.
Fall 2013
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