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Journalism Department at Darton College Sees Changes

Photo: Journalism Department at Darton College Sees Changes

The Darton College Journalism Department will take on a new look for the 2008-09 year.

The new look includes a new instructor for journalism classes and an association between the Journalism Department and The Cavalier Attitude, Darton's student newspaper.

Larry Anderson, a member of the English faculty for the past three years, will teach journalism classes and will advise the student newspaper. He will also continue to teach in the English Department.

Anderson's educational background is in English literature and composition, but he has extensive experience as a journalist. For 18 years, he was a reporter and editor for various newspapers in the Morris Newspaper Corporation (MNC) of Savannah. His most recent assignment with MNC was at The Statesboro Herald, where he was editor from 1991 until 1997.

The Cavalier Attitude, started by Roger Marietta, associate professor of political science, will continue to be a forum for all students. Neither reporters nor editors will be required to be journalism majors. The association of The Cavalier Attitude and the Journalism Department will assure that journalism majors have an opportunity for hands-on experience and that the editor of the newspaper has a wide range of articles available. The Cavalier Attitude will continue to actively seek submissions from all academic divisions.

For more information about journalism at Darton, please call (229) 317-6554 until August 14. After that date, please call (229) 317-6862. All e-mail inquiries should go immediately to larry.anderson@darton.edu.

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