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National Distance Learning Week

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Distance learning courses at Darton College are supported through WebCT, Channel 19 telecasts, web-based instruction, videoconferencing, the Darton College Library, Georgia Library Learning Online (GALILEO), Georgia Library Catalogs, the Darton College Bookstore, and the Instructional Technology and Distance Learning Department. Campus computer labs are also available for distance learning students.

Online study at Darton College provides a way for students with busy schedules, family obligations, and/or irregular work schedules to pursue a college education. The coursework can be done any time of the day, seven days a week. Online courses are instructor-led and use proven technology based instructional methods. Darton offers online courses in a wide variety of program areas, and online offerings are continually expanding.

Darton currently offers 26 degrees that can be earned fully online. A link to the list of online courses offered at Darton College is located at http://online.darton.edu.

Once you learn more about distance learning at Darton College, you'll understand why Darton has again been named a Top 10 Digital College by the Center for Digital Education's Digital Community Colleges Survey. Darton ranks second among mid-sized colleges - between 3,000 and 7,500 students. More than 200 community colleges across the country participated in the survey, which showcases and rewards community colleges around the nation that provide a high level of service to their faculty, staff, and students through information technology.

For more information about online programs, call toll-free 1-877-552-2231 or call (229) 317-6769.

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