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DegreeWorks is Here!!!

Do you often have questions about program requirements? Do you sometimes ask yourself “How much longer before I can obtain my Degree”? Darton State College now has a program for students and faculty to use and it is called DegreeWorks. This program will help you determine what is needed for you to graduate with your desired degree. Please watch the following video on how to log into DegreeWorks and how to use this great new program. If you have any questions about your audit that DegreeWorks is showing you, please contact your advisor.

Please watch the following link for a DegreeWorks tutorial video.

DegreeWorks Tutorial Video

How to log into DegreeWorks

  1. Log into your MyDC account
  2. Click on the Bweb tab
  3. Click on the Student Tab
  4. Click on Student Records
  5. Click on DegreeWorks