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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
pertaining to College Transcripts

1. Why do you need the transcripts since I didn’t list it on my application or readmit application?
Board of Regents policy states that all students must submit transcripts from ALL colleges, universities, schools, tech schools, etc. BEFORE they enroll.
2. How did you find out about that school(s) since I didn’t list it on my application or readmit application?
This information is obtained from several sources: financial aid, from other college transcripts, the National Clearinghouse.
3. What is the National Clearinghouse?
A non-profit organization that offers access to a nationwide coverage of enrollment and degree records. More than 3,400 colleges and universities report enrollment info. 96% of all students in public and private US institutions have their info submitted to the National Clearinghouse. See their website for more info: http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/about/clearinghouse_facts.php (opens new window)
4. I attended a school but I withdrew and received W grades. Do you still need this transcript?
Yes, please see question 1.
5. I attended a school but none of the credits will transfer. Do you still need the transcript?
Yes, please see question 1.
6. I owe money to one of my previous college(s) and can not get a copy of my transcript so what do I do?
Unfortunately, you can not attend Darton State College until we receive copies of all your transcripts. Therefore if you owe money and can’t get a transcript, you can not attend Darton until you can obtain that transcript. Merely leaving it off the application or readmit will not work. Due to the National Clearinghouse, we will find the info.
7. The National Clearinghouse indicated I attended a school/college but I didn’t, what should I do?
If you never attended a school that we have you listed as attending, we must have an official letter from the institution indicating that you never attended. If we have you listed as attending a school, we must have 1 of 2 things: 1. Transcript or 2. Letter stating you never attended.
8. There is a hold on my records for an updated transcript. I sent you that transcript therefore what info do you need now?
If you are registered at an institution and you pre-register for an upcoming term, that upcoming term info appears on your transcript. It appears on your transcript as “ in progress” therefore we put a hold on your account letting us know that at the end of that “in progress” term, we need an updated transcript. Therefore, if you plan on “dropping” those future classes, it is better to do it “BEFORE” you have a transcript sent to Darton. If you drop the classes “after” the transcript was mailed, we need an updated transcript with those classes NOT showing.
9. I was able to register but now I have a hold for a transcript, what do I need to do?
Before you can re-enroll, receive a Darton transcript or see your grades, we must receive an official copy of the transcript(s)-no exceptions. All colleges, schools, universities and tech schools should be listed on the application and/or readmit and copies of those transcripts should be submitted before you register. Under certain circumstances, students are allowed to enroll but only on a temporary basis with a limited time frame to provide the transcript(s).

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