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Hello, my name is Todd Smith, and I am a Darton graduate. Before I share some of my thoughts regarding my Darton experience, let me first congratulate you on taking the brave first step of looking into continuing your personal growth via education. As we can all attest as ‘adults,’ even considering a change from the status quo is daunting, but today I can confirm from personal experience, while not garnered easily your goals and dreams are attainable, and Darton is the perfect place to start the journey.

It is worth noting, while I was categorized as a ‘non-traditional’ student, almost all aspects of my Darton experience were exactly the same as any other student. The processes for acquiring and receiving financial aid, registration for classes, and classroom expectations are the same for all students, with the only exception being Darton’s dedication to ‘non-traditional’ students via the inclusion of staff to help ‘non-traditional’ students get started and succeed. Frankly my biggest fear when starting my journey was how I would be perceived by the staff, professors, and ‘traditional’ students at Darton. This fear turned out to be wholly unfounded. The staff was helpful and encouraging, the professors were focused on educating, and my classmates soon became friends as we helped each other on the challenging path to graduation. The benefits of a Darton education are real, and your age or past are not barriers, but actually assets. Frankly it’s just a matter of starting and being committed. I hope you make that decision soon, because in doing so a brighter, more fulfilling future awaits.

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