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Robert Edwards, Photographer

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Robert Edwards considers himself a hybrid. Graduating from Albany Junior College in 1969, he worked for ten years in a large commercial studio, becoming its top photographer. His participation at conventions gave him his first in-depth look at portrait photography where he was "struck by the beauty of good portraits," and decided to go into business for himself. "From that point on, it’s been a continuing education process, where competitions have been a good way to associate with my peers and recharge." As a student of AJC, he was a member of the BETA Club, but it was the "quality of instructors" that he remembers the most from his time there. "The attention from the instructors made all the difference. They were so involved with the students. I think Darton would be a good way for anyone wanting to start their college career." Through the years, he has had tremendous success as a photographer and considers himself lucky that he has the talent for lighting and composition that has allowed the demand for his work to continue to grow. He seems most proud, however, of his photograph simply titled, "Alfred," of a homeless man who gives us a glimpse at our own humanity. Winning first place in the Southeastern Convention in 1987, Mr. Edwards smiles as he tells how the photograph has made its way around Europe at various exhibitions. Still, he remembers how it is to be a college student, and the uncertainty that comes with the challenge of trying to decide what to do with the rest of your life. The answer to that challenge has to do solely with "having a goal, the desire to pursue that goal, and the persistence to continue it." It is a practice he believes in and still continues to this day. Currently, Mr. Edwards resides in Albany with his wife, Carlton. They have two children: a son who is the assistant plantation manager at Red Oaks Plantation, and a daughter who is a nurse.


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